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Contacting the Center

Our mailing address is:
Anchorage Senior Center
1300 East 19th Avenue
Anchorage, Alaska 99501

We will attempt to provide you with a response to your e-mail questions within 48 hours of receipt of your e-mail or less, exclusive of weekends. Click on one of the buttons to send an e-mail.
Telephone inquiries can be made at: 907.770.2000 or directly to Departments listed below:

  • Accounting—770.2005
  • Art room—770.2066
  • Catering—770.2008 or 770.2019
  • Crafts Rm. (10 AM-2 PM) - 770.2055
  • Fitness—770.2037
  • Gift Shop—770.2018
  • Maintenance—770.2046
  • Health and Wellness—770.2025
  • Library—770.2053
  • Custodial—770.2045
  • Medicare—770.2027
  • Membership—770.2009
  • Receptionist—770.2000
General inquiries about the Center
Inquiries about Volunteer Opportunities and Volunteers
Questions and information on becoming a member and membership
Questions and information on catering, room reservations, event planning and scheduling.
Questions, information, comments, articles, and ideas for the Senior Borealis Newsletter .
Questions and information on Center sponsored programs and scheduled events
Questions or comments for the Accounting Office, please address questions to staff by name, if possible
Questions and information for the Accounting Office Volunteer Cashiers
Questions and information for the Volunteers in the Art room
Questions and information for the Library and Book sales
Questions and comments to the General Manager