AARP-Tax (40K)


The Anchorage Senior Activity Center will again offer free tax preparation services starting Monday, February 3, 2020 through April 13, 2020 from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. AARP Tax counselors will be at the center every Monday and Thursday unless it is a holiday. The President's Day Holiday is Feb. 17 and the center will be closed.

No appointment is necessary.

Below is a list of items you must have for your taxes to be prepared or your taxes cannot be prepared:

  1. Picture ID (taxpayer and spouse).
  2. Social security cards or document with SSN's for you, spouse and all dependents. For your safety, you can take a picture of your Social Security card on your cell phone and then delete it when the return is complete.
  3. All income information (such as Forms W-2, W2G, 10 99-Misc, 10 99-INT, 10 99-DIV, SSA-10 99 or RRB-10 99 and 10 99-R, 10 99-B, 1095-A). If insurance was purchased through the Marketplace, the taxpayer will receive Form 1095-A that is needed by the preparer to correctly prepare the return.
  4. List of your medical, cash and non-cash contributions, and miscellaneous expenses (to itemize your deductions if eligible).
  5. Copies of last year's tax return (helps volunteer prepare this year's return).
  6. Bank routing and account number for direct deposit - check book if possible.

Alaska PFD for 2019 is $1,606. Document not necessary - preparer will ask if you received your PFD. If the PFD was garnished for some reason - (back child support, taxes owed, etc.) it is the same as receiving it because the PFD is being used for your benefit. AARP Foundation TaxAide counselors look forward to helping you again this year.

Why You Should File a Tax Return

Identity theft is rampant in all 50 states. Last tax season four returns were rejected at one Anchorage site for identity theft. The taxpayers learned of this because they filed a return. If your ID is stolen, that person can apply for a credit card using your name and Social Security Number and make purchases. You could be held responsible for those charges!

You may be exempt from filing a return but for your protection and peace of mind please file a return this year. AARP Foundation TaxAide volunteers make it easy for you to do this and it is free.